SAIBPP is a leading national voluntary professional association representing +2 500 members from the property sector and the built environment. SAIBPP was established in 1996 to address the under-representation of black people in the commercial property industry.

SAIBPP was founded in 1996 and is a registered B-BBEE Level 1 non-profit/social benefit company. SAIBPP is a voluntary professional association comprised of members from the property sector and the built environment. Our primary objective is to drive transformation in the property sector through policy advocacy, education and training and enterprise support and development. SAIBPP is led by its CEO Kululwa Muthwa, with the support of an experienced board of directors from the property industry and built environment, committee members, and office staff.

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The pace of transformation within the South African property sector is still alarmingly slow and characterised by pre-democracy ownership patterns. As it is, less than 10% of the property sector, which has been recorded as being worth about R5.8-trillion, can be defined as ‘black-owned’.

According the 2017 State of Transformation Report prepared by the Property Sector Charter Council, the commercial property sector continually fails to achieve the transformation targets outlined and agreed to within the Property Sector Charter in most of the B-BBEE key measurement criteria namely: ownership, management control, employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement and economic development. It is evident that existing interventions aimed at fast-tracking transformation are largely ineffective and that more practical interventions are now required.

There are many factors impacting on these results and these include but are not limited to access to finance, access to information and networks, access to education, regulatory red-tape, weak policy, legislation, and many others. We believe that the priority of the property sector should, at this stage, be to urgently facilitate the development and support of black-owned and black-controlled enterprises in the sector to ensure that the sector becomes more representative of the national demographic.

Land and property is also the primary economic utility used globally to build and store generational wealth. According to the 2016 Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) study, 70% of global wealth is held/invested in real estate. It is, therefore, of paramount importance to prioritise the growth and transformation of this sector while ensuring the security of tenure, delivering on the social priorities, for example, housing and education and creating opportunities for the average South African to be an active participant in the mainstream economy through individual title and property ownership.


SAIBPP runs numerous programmes that aim to address the root causes of low (less than 10%) black participation in the South African commercial property sector, with a primary focus being on skills development, enterprise development, and policy formation.

Through our various programmes, events and strong relationships with the public sector and the business community at large, SAIBPP aims to ensure equitable representation and meaningful participation in the property industry for those who have been historically denied access to the sector through exclusionary legislative and economic policies.


SAIBPP’s income is derived from its members who contribute an annual membership fee. We also host fundraising drives throughout the year that assist with funding the operations of the organisation and our programmes. We welcome all donations.SAIBPP is only as strong as its members will make it. JOIN SAIBPP today and help shape the future of the South African property sector!