[mt_header align=”left” size=”4″]Membership[/mt_header]

To satisfy membership expectations and create an environment where black people benefit from the property sector, through the SAIBPP programs/initiatives.

[mt_header align=”left” size=”4″]Learning and growth[/mt_header]

To create appropriate skills development interventions and ensure that these are accessible to black people in the property sector; and position SAIBPP as a desired facilitator in upholding industry standards.

[mt_header align=”left” size=”4″]Audit and risk[/mt_header]

A financially sustainable organisation in support of its strategic objectives that is administered through sound accounting standards and corporate governance.

[mt_header align=”left” size=”4″]Stakeholders[/mt_header]

To achieve SAIBPP strategic objectives through stakeholder relations and create representative partnerships that advocate SAIBPP’s strategy through meaningfully leadership.

[mt_header align=”left” size=”4″]Investment[/mt_header]

To integrate black business to utilise joint networks to facilitate empowerment in our membership base.