Ms Muthwa is a dynamic and experienced professional with a rich background in the Property and Built Environment Industry. She is former Chief Operations Officer for the City of Joburg Property Company SOC Ltd and has occupied various strategic and executive leadership roles in the industry. Her work experience includes transformation, project management, legal and compliance, strategy formulation and execution as well as communication and stakeholder management. She is also an entrepreneur who has had business interests in retail, project management consulting as well as training and skills development.

Ms Muthwa has served as a Non-Executive Director in various boards and, whilst she has been involved in various committees, her expertise and interest lie with Social and Ethics as well as Transformation and Service Delivery. Through the roles she has previously occupied, and impact made, Ms Muthwa has demonstrated leadership acumen and a capacity to drive the strategic vision of SAIBPP.  Ms Muthwa graduated from the University of South Africa [UNISA] with a Master’s Degree in Law [LLM] as well as a Bacallaureus Procurationis Degree [B-Proc] from the University of Transkei. She also holds certificates from various institutions, including, Executive and Management Coaching as well as Property Development Program from the UCT Graduate School of Business and Specialization in Construction Contracts as well as Fellowship Admission [Arbitration] from the Association of Arbitrators Southern Africa.