[mt_header align=”left” size=”4″]President Thomas Matlala opening speech[/mt_header][mt_youtube width=”600″ height=”360″ autoplay=”no” id=”13e6aDRuiRQ”]
[mt_testimonial author=”Lydia Ikaneng” company=”Commercial Real Estate” animated=”no” anim_type=”fadeIn”]Thanks for a wonderful time yesterday. Saibpp sure comes a long way and now looking stronger for the future. Congratulations to you all in remaining steadfast in making this organisation a force that should be reckoned with. As for me, I have since come back to Joburg after 4 years of being a farm girl, I am now ready to embrace commitment in this sector.

Please keep me abreast of activities happening and would appreciate an application form so that I can be a member in good standing.[/mt_testimonial]

[mt_header align=”left” size=”4″]Mr Xolani Qhubeka’s speech[/mt_header][mt_youtube width=”600″ height=”360″ autoplay=”no” id=”XD4djHEvmhM”]
[mt_testimonial author=”Sarvin Naidoo” company=”Director: GAPP Architects & Urban Designers” animated=”no” anim_type=”fadeIn”]Thank you for the invite to the SAIBPP conference – it was great and I had a good time. Well done to the board of directors and staff of SAIBPP for hosting the conference. It was great platform to engage/network with people and professionals that share the same vision of shaping and adding value to our country and also to share the same aspirations about bringing transformation in our sector.

The last two speakers, Xolani Qubeka and Keith Coats, definitely left me inspired and poised to face and take on new challenges.[/mt_testimonial]

[mt_header align=”left” size=”4″]Voxpops Interviews | Saibpp Convention 2014[/mt_header][mt_youtube width=”600″ height=”360″ autoplay=”no” id=”RAYRuN5f0t8″]
[mt_testimonial author=”Lionel Kisten” animated=”no” anim_type=”fadeIn” company=”Executive Director at Landmark Real Estate Services(Pty)Ltd”]I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mr Matlala, SAIBPP President, the board of directors , staff and members of SAIBPP for awarding me the prestigious Sithwalande Award. I am glad that during my tenure I made a positive difference within SAIBPP and the property industry. I will continue doing my best to try and remove all remaining “obstacles” that is stifling the growth of our black property professionals. I am indeed honoured and proud to be associated with SAIBPP. Last but not least, to everyone that organised the convention, this convention must go down as one of the best conventions. Kind Regards[/mt_testimonial]
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